Gratitude First, Always.

The most positive feedback I receive for my Dream Builder Program relates to our daily morning practice. Within that virtual space, our first step to starting our day is this question, “What are you grateful for?”

By starting our day with gratitude, at the end of the twelve weeks, we are addicted to this practice. Many feel an eagerness to get up and go to their computers, while some stay in bed. It is a small shift of intention, with a huge benefit throughout the day.

We all know writing three things daily that we are grateful for is a meaningful practice. How many gratitude journals have we started, and misplaced, and found while clearing a drawer or closet. (Oh, yeah… I had great intentions for that. I should start that again.)

DreamBuilder Program


Sharing those first few minutes is optional. No one is forced to share. But what we find is our group members feel EAGER and AMAZED and IMPRESSED with themselves.

Dream Builders is not an accountability group. But we do help each other be accountable. It’s not a support group. But we are supportive.

Most of us have never met before. Which means there is a little nervousness in the first few minutes. Which is when we share our gratitude. It melts away any feelings of apprehension. It’s easy to get to know each other when we are honest, brave and vulnerable together.

Thank you, to all who share–and to those who quietly holding space. Thank you all for showing up for your own lives and desires.

The twelve-week program is fantastic. Witnessing you use it is priceless to me as your guide and coach.

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