Hi, I am Mindy Leishman!

I am a Life, Health & Adventure Coach

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Over the years, I searched long and hard for a life coach/advisor that could speak to a ‘woman like me—someone who didn’t just want a successful career with an occasional vacation. I wanted to create a life of meaning and a career that I loved while traveling the world, living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle while giving back to the world.

For me, it wasn’t about acquiring more stuff or a bigger home. My search turned into my passion as I discovered my desire to create a ‘tribe’ of like-minded women who wanted meaningful, passion-filled existence.

After spending more than a decade going from one life coach to the next and “big name” coaching program to the next and well over $100,000 I realized that, since I couldn’t find that person, I would become that person, and I created this job for all the women adventurers of the world and me.


Why I Decided to Do This

I was diving headfirst into the world of self-development to be a better coach for my clients and still desperately looking for something in my own life. I was buying into one “big name” coaching program and seminar after another, meeting amazing people from around the world but seeing (what felt like) only incremental results in my own life. And, it seemed, there was always the next expensive program to buy or seminar to attend.

At the same time, my friends came to me asking me to help them with relationship, health, or life issues. They wanted to go on the amazing trips they saw my girls and me going on. Without realizing it at the time, I was discovering a more holistic approach to helping my friends address real-life issues. I wasn’t just asking: How is work? What is your dream job? How do you envision your future? Through our conversations, they were literally painting a picture of their future life, Mind, Body & Soul in vivid detail.

Before I knew it, friends of friends were asking me for coaching. Some were experiencing significant life changes from caring for elderly parents, becoming empty nesters, and career changes. The common theme was, they were drained, lonely, and looking for more fulfilment, and they wanted to feel the peace that I had attained yet live a life with some fun and adventure. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was slowly building my life.

My Career Journey

I started my professional career as a Real Estate agent in a beautiful coastal town on the east coast of FL. Growing up in a small midwestern town, it felt like my life was a dream come true. I was a single mom raising my beautiful twin daughters at the beach. Life was amazing! I had a home at the beach, a fantastic income, and a career that gave me the flexibility to spend time with my girls while they were growing up.

Unfortunately, when the bottom fell out of the economy, my amazing life went with it. Coupled with the loss of my parents and brother, I plunged into a 4 1/2 year fog of debilitating depression. My confidence was shattered, and life felt meaningless. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was exercising through the day and drinking wine in the evenings as a coping mechanism to survive my thoughts of depression and loneliness.

This was when I met my first life coach, and this beautiful lady was an angel that fell into my lap. She helped me shift my mindset, set meaningful goals, and find a career in health and wellness. It wasn’t something I had ever considered, but I absolutely loved coaching my clients and seeing the difference that mindset and health had in their everyday life.


Helping people heal and achieve a state of calmness while working on healing from the inside out.